Re: Jaws interacting with Google Chrome.

Judy Jones

Hi, Mike,


Pressing the tab key does nothing, but thank you.



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Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2019 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Jaws interacting with Google Chrome.


Hi Judy,


From the address bar pressing the, Tab key, 1 time puts me back on the main page.

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From: Judy Jones

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Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws interacting with Google Chrome.


Hello All,


I have a situation I keep meaning to write about and am finally getting to it.


I’ve used Internet Explorer for years, and have started using Google Chrome more recently.  However, I am noticing, for instance, that after pressing alt-D and copying an address bar.  Pressing F6 does not get me back to where I can arrow through a site, but just reads outthe word “blank,” or reads out nothing when arrowing.  The same thing can happen when I am in an edit field, and going to the PC cursor will not close the edit field.


With Internet Explore, F6 used to get me out of this blank hole, bac to the information on the page, but doesn’t seem to work well.


When tabbing, I get information like, quote, view site information unquote, or New Tab, Close Tab.  It also lists the tab I was in.


From being on the internet on the phone, this is familiar, but pressing Enter on the open tab I was in, does not get me back to the page.


I know Entering any of the keys like F5, F6 or F7 to give information those keys would usually give, only results in Jaws stating that I am not in a document, yet hitting Jaws T shows me I am, indeed at the page.


Thanks very much for helping to straighten out my confusion.



“Embrace the day with its mercies and blessings.”



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