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Hamit Campos

Yes it does work. Like I said I've used it on other places as well. It can convert to many formats. You can tell it to keep the vid or not as well. All up to you my friend. It'll put the play list into a folder. I just got the 1967 version of the Jungle Book with this.

On 8/6/2019 3:24 PM, Holger Fiallo wrote:

Thanks. I will check it out. Does it work with jaws? If I have question, I hope you do not mind if I email you.


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I just use Pontes Media Downloader. It's just all a dialogue. I use to use the so called free youtube downloader but it's free no more. Note Pontes Media Downloader works on other siter as well.

On 8/6/2019 1:14 PM, Holger Fiallo wrote:

Question. Using recent jaws 2019, current windows 10. Is there a way to download a play list from youtube? If so does it work with jaws? If so, how?


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