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Gerald Levy

Supposedly, the shutdown sound was removed from Windows 10 to make the shut down process faster.?? Really?


On 8/6/2019 8:58 AM, Russ wrote:
Has any one talked to Microsoft why they removed the windows 10 shutdown sound?

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Hi Gerald.

this is an issue that makes me leery about buying a computer with
an SSD.?? Because an SSD emits no noise like a mechanical hard drive, it
would be almost impossible to tell for sure that your Windows 10 PC has
shut down successfully because there is no shutdown sound like in
Windows 7. Sometimes, you might hear "JAWS for Windows" when the
shutdown has initiated, but there is no reliable way to tell whether it
has powered off unless it has a DVD drive on which you can simply press
the eject button to tell whether it is off.
Your computer is shutting down when speech disappears. You can also
pay attention to the sound of its fan. When the fan stops blowing,
your system has shut down entirely.

Also, I have read that although a solid state drive may be more
reliable as a mechanical hard
drive, it may not last as long because its memory cells tend to wear out
over time and eventually become unusable with repeated write cycles.?? Is
this true?
I've never heard this.. Both my solid state drives have lasted three
years so far.

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