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That's why I didn't mention it on this list.
The award is the highest disney can give its employees and without JAWS, there's no way I could have remained employed for these 16 years at Disney and three more at Braille Institute.
FSCast 173 has the story if you want to hear about it.
JohnAt 05:35 AM 8/6/2019, you wrote:
The problem is if 50 people or more for example post such a message it would create a lot of bandwidth usage that an already busy list does not need. I myself woke up to 86 emails in my inbox this morning that took quite some time to read over.

This is why we monitor so tightly and try to keep things flowing smoothly.

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I just take this opportunity to congratulate you John for your award, of
which I heard this morning on FS's fscast. Apologies to our group for this
offtopic comment, but since it involves a member of our group, I just
thought it to be appropriate.
Take care,

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I'm using Malware Bites but so is my brother and
he's not having these problems.
I think I have Google Accessibility pulling out
all of their hair trying to solve this problem.
JohnAt 01:40 PM 8/5/2019, you wrote:

I've had Chrome just disappear a time or two in
the past few months, but nothing directly
related to downloads. If this is only happening
when you download something, I wonder if what
ever Antimalware utility you use outside of
Chrome is causing this when it scans the file as
soon as Chrome unlocks it, or perhaps before
Chrome unlocks it, and that's stirring up
trouble somehow. I wish it wasn't that
intermittent. How are you going to know if what
changes you make is actually a fix? If you do
figure out how to crash it every time, maybe try
it once with external Antimalware disabled
temporarily to see if it still happens?

I'm running normal non development Chrome and I
do have Ad Block Plus installed in it. I also
have Chrome Sounds and a couple of other
extensions enabled. I guess it might be worth
uninstalling or resetting your Chrome and, if
you sync your Chrome with your google account,
not syncing it again until you've tried to reproduce the problem a bit.

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On 8/4/2019 7:33 PM, John Gassman wrote:
So far nobody has been able to duplicate this
situation. I'm posting it here to see if anybody has suggestions.
While downloading using Chrome several weeks
ago, the application would finish downloading
and I could do a say line to hear the current
line but nothing else when I moved around.
I had to use task manager to close down Chrome.
It happened with all three screen readers on my
desktop, JAWS, NVDA andn Narrator.
I wrote to Google Disability thinking it was Chrome.
then with the next JAWS Private Beta build the
problem went away only to reappear about ten days ago.
I wasn't sure if it was indeed a screen reader
problem or something in a recent Google update.
this last Thursday with the newest Private
build of JAWS, the problem went away again.
the problem is that JAWS and Google updated
about the same time so I don't know if its
Google, a screen reader conflict or maybe both.
So far Google hasn't been able to come up with
a solution or even duplicate it.
And if JAWS, NVDA or Narrator are involved, where would I go from here?
Would the JAWS logs show FS anything?
Has anybody else experienced this?
I especially see it with BARD and other websites from which I download.
I'm using the latest JAWS private build and
Windows 10 update as well as Chrome Version
76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I just tried an experiment and went into About
for Chrome and got an update this morning.
And with the latest Chrome build which just
updated as I wrote this message, I have another Chrome Crash.
When I go into task manager to get rid of
Chrome, I also see a message which says:
AdBlock has crashed. Click this balloon to reload the extension.
Sometimes its another app or extension that has
crashed so it is not always the same one.
I can use Chrome Canary and have never seen this crash happen.
Any ideas as to what is causing this and how to solve it?



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