Re: deleting e-mails from Gmail.


In the case of my folder I wanted to delete, it not only deleted the e-mails, but the folder as well, which was fine, but certain other folders, I would just like to delete their e-mails.  Thank you for the tips.  Now I just have to remember how to get back to standard view.  I have a difficult time navigating in the HTML view.




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Hi Again Sherri,


I found steps to remove messages for Standard view if you're using it and not the Basic HTML view.

From: Philip Hall
Here is a method of removing all messages from a Gmail account using the standard view.


I would appreciate if someone would  try out the steps and let me know if I missed anything.


I created this using Jaws 18.


Good luck


1. Open your Gmail account and make sure you are in standard view.


2. press h until you get to labels
3. Press the letter b once to get to the more button.


4. Press enter twice.
The first time you press enter, jaws will say less.


Press enter one more time.
This should add additional links to the labels area.


5. Now, arrow down until jaws says


6. Press enter to take you to the list of trash emails.


7. Press the letter t to jump to the table of trash messages.


8. Press up arrow to the empty trash button, or press
Shift b to move up to the empty trash button.


9. Press enter.
A new page will open asking you to
Confirm deleting messages


10. Press b to bring focus to the ok button or down arrow to the button.


Using jaws, for some reason, pressing enter or space on the ok button doesn't activate it.


11. If using jaws, turn off quick navigation keys by pressing
Jaws key + the letter z.


Press enter to activate the ok button.


You can now turn on quick navigation keys again by pressing
Jaws key + z.


All your messages will be deleted.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Subject: [jaws-users] deleting e-mails from Gmail.


I have a lot of trouble navigating the Google mail site with Jaws.  I am currently using Jaws 17, but I also have Jaws 2019 on my computer.  I am running Windows 7.


I am almost out of storage space and have lots of Gmail to get rid of.  Deleting it from Outlook doesn’t seem to affect the Gmail client itself.  How do I go about selecting and deleting large quantities of Gmail?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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