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Gary Lee <kb9zuv@...>

My experiences are with the hp 6745 (admittedly older) and the lenovo thinkpad t570.
The lenovo kicks butt. very quick, the keyboard is quite comfortable, and no jaws issues. My only complaint is the placement of the home and end keys. But you can get used to tthat.

My lenovo has an intel i7 2.8 Ghz, 16 GB ram, and a 500 gb solid state drive.
Comes with an sd reader, HDMI port, and 15 inch screen.

If I could afford one for home, I’d have one.
The hp is much slower, I believe because of its graphics and i5 processor. But, it has been a decent laptop.

No complaints about the solid state disk, but it does take some getting used to not having the disk sounds.

hope this helps.

On Aug 5, 2019, at 11:10 AM, John R Vaughn <> wrote:

List, my Toshiba laptop is in need of replacement.
Have any of you on the list recently purchased a new 15.6 inch screen laptop computer that works well with jaws?
I would like another laptop that has a built in keypad.
Also, has jaws worked well with the new solid state drives?
Thanks for any help.
Like many of us using jaws and access technology for the last 28 years, can remember in the past being sure we got a laptop with the right kind of video card and audio card. That said my current Toshiba was bought off Amazon with standard video and audio card.
Again, thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
John in sunny southwest Florida

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