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Glenn / Lenny

Although this is off topic for Jaws, I'll mention that an affordable SSD solution is to get an adapter that fits as a 2.5 inch SATA drive, but has plugs for SD or CF cards.
I use one of these on my Acer laptop with 2 32 GB CF cards in it, and it is faster than a mechanical drive.

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Yes, this is true. For the most part, though, this issue isn't actually how an ssd will fail you. If the controller on the ssd fails, the entire disk becomes unusable. I'm not sure if recovery companies would be able to install a new controller in the drive in order to recover lost data, but that's what I hear is the real issue here. Ssds lose sectors over time by how many times they've been written to. Hdds lose sectors over time by how many times they have been read from, as well as just general ware and tear. Ssds make less heat and use less energy than most Hdds, and are generally way more responsive. I've got a hard drive with north of fourty thousand hours on it, and I've got 4 ssds all of which are north of 5000, a couple are north of 30000, which show absolutely no signs of failure. At this point, I can come up with no reason not to get an ssd, except for possibly price, and possibly the no noise issue.

Some ssds actually do make noise, sometimes a buzzing chatter, other ssds may make a high pitched stacotto chirping noise. It depends on how the machine handles coil line I think but am not positive. I believe for the most part it's low end ssds that make the racket. While I'm on the subject of low end, you can get low end ssds on Amazon today for pretty affordable prices, I'm talking like 130 dollars for 1 tb. That may be a shorter lifed drive, and it won't have the same kind of crazy performance as high end ssds. High end SSDs today have changes in how they work to help alleviate the sector failure issue we're talking about.

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Yeah, this is an issue that makes me leery about buying a computer with an SSD.?? Because an SSD emits no noise like a mechanical hard drive, it would be almost impossible to tell for sure that your Windows 10 PC has shut down successfully because there is no shutdown sound like in Windows 7.?? Sometimes, you might hear "JAWS for Windows" when the shutdown has initiated, but there is no reliable way to tell whether it has powered off unless it has a DVD drive on which you can simply press the eject button to tell whether it is off.?? Also, I have read that although a solid state drive may be more reliable as a mechanical hard drive, it may not last as long because its memory cells tend to wear out over time and eventually become unusable with repeated write cycles.?? Is this true?


On 8/5/2019 12:13 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
I like that the solid state drives are faster and more reliable, but I don't like that you can't hear them booting up.
Often you are wondering what the computer is doing, if it is booting up, and you can't tell non-visually with solid state drives.
But again, this is a factor that has no bearing on Jaws.??
I do care about the audio on some laptops, some laptops, sold as business models, at least in the past, have had terrible sound.
But now that we use laptops in the business world for things like Power Point and the like, perhaps poor quality??audio is becoming more of a rarity in laptops.
This is something you might find out about by reading reviews on models on-line, before you decide.

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The solid state drives are wonderful. My new dell desktop has one, as does my slightly older Dell laptop. I???d never purchase another computer without one.


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List, my Toshiba laptop is in need of replacement.

Have any of you on the list recently purchased a new 15.6 inch screen laptop computer that works well with jaws?

I would like another laptop that has a built in keypad.

Also, has jaws worked well with the new solid state drives?

Thanks for any help.

Like many of us using jaws and access technology for the last 28 years, can remember in the past being sure we got a laptop with the right kind of video card and audio card.?? That said my current Toshiba was bought off Amazon with standard video and audio card.

Again, thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

John in sunny southwest Florida

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