Has anyone tried the app mentioned?FW: a couple of information requests

Judy Jones

Sounds very interesting.

Here is the snippet from an e-mail I received this morning.


Speeking of word processors,
2 weeks ago I've stumbled on an app in the Microsoft app store its called:
"Ultra word editor"
it was on sale for $5. it said:
Original price was $29.99, current price $4.9983% off • 4 days left
The app page has stated that
The product developer believes this product meets accessibility
requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.
End of quote
I've grabbed it, it looks like its a fork
of open office, but to my surprise its indeed accessible for all the
work I've done on it so far and its snappy as I liked.
I haven't used it heavily to give a fair compare with MS office, but
sure enough it worth every penny.
BTW, its an app for windows10, not sure about windows8.
URL to the app on MS app store
plus the same page contains a bunch of paid apps on sale or gone free:

End Quote

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