Re: Winamp and Windows 1903

JM Casey



Glad you got it working.


16 GB of ram is very nice. I’m thinking of upgrading just for the hell of it, although nothing’s sped my computer up more than finally getting a solid state drive.


In order to make changes to the program files directories on your system, I think you need administrator rights in windows 10. If you don’t do this, the programme will install in your user folder. Some features may not work correctly.


Re winamp load times, I found that a few of the plugins no longer work. These are plugins that are a part of Winamp on instalation. But you can disable and remove them. I don’t’ remember exactly what I did, other than get rid of the Gracenote/CDDB plugin, but I swear there were one or two others, too. Anyway, for a while there Winamp was taking up to a minute to load for some reason, but doing this seemed to fix the problem. I can’t tell you exactly which plugins to remove though, as, well, they’re now gone on my system. :P




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Thanks for everyone’s help. It is running fine now. It seems to take a bit longer to load for some reason. I do have a large library and 16gb of RAM. Perhaps I didn’t need to go through all that. Running the installer as administrator helped greatly. I’ve never had to do that before.

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