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I remember this identical discussion on this list a number of weeks ago. At
that time I believed it was established that there is no simple document
that you could hand to an employer to accurately describe Jaws to an
employer. If you really want something like this, take the time to put one
together yourself, focusing on the main things that jaws can do, and keep
your material to one page, although, in my experience, an employer would
much rather hear the explanation from you, as it gives them an idea of your
communication skills, as well as knowledge of the product.

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I do so but also I want to have the papers so they can see them This is a
thing that most people who can see like to have. As a person who could see I
like to have the oral info and papers.

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I'm sure that there is documentation, but I think it would be more
impressive in an interview for you to explain it yourself.

You only need to say something like:

I use something called a screenreader, the one I use is called Jaws, it
turns the text on the screen into spoken words, and I use Windows keyboard
commands and some Jaws commands to access the various parts of the text that
I need to read.


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Morning, all

Going for an interview next week, I need documentation about what jaws does
so I can give it to the person who will be doing the interview instead of
just talking about. FS does not have anything like in about jaws. Just talk
about the fixes. Does anyone have something like that? I am going for the
interview on 09-12-18. Thanks

Holger Fiallo

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