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JM Casey

So, when you tried to open Winamp again, did the User Account prompt appear?
That should not happen.

What version of Winamp are you using? I don't personally use the library for
anything. But can you get to the menus and see what, if any, other windows
you have open?
Is full screen mode for videos maybe accidentally turned on? Doubt it's this
as I don't think that feature will even work unless a video is playing.

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Sent: August 4, 2019 4:53 PM
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I ran the installation as administrator, and things seemed to go better. I
was able to add my library and play songs. I was able to change preferences.
However, once I closed the program and tried to get back in, the problems
occurred again. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled the program again. I have
loaded the library again. I can only wonder what will happen when I close
the program and try to go back in.

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It's been a cuple of years now, but I seem to recall going through something
similar to this when I first got this Windows 10 machine in 2017. The person
who built my PC installed Winamp on it for me, except he did something wrong
and somehow the programme was not installed in the right place. What
happened was that, whenever I tried to make changes in preferences, the
changes would not save due to lack of access rights. As a result, I believe
the classic skin was not even loaded, since it isn't the default selection
(as far as I remember). Perhaps this is happening to you. If that was the
case, you wouldn't hear any announcement when for instance the playlist
editor was opened.

So, what directory/folder is your winamp installed in?
Try and make sure it goes into c:\program files (x86) Also remember to run
the installer as an administrator

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Sent: August 4, 2019 1:58 PM
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The main screen comes up, but the buttons don't seem to work. I can't get to
the library. Pressing Alt-F won't bring up the menu. I tried uninstalling
and reinstalling. I got to the point of selecting selecting the classic sin.
Every time I press Finish, I get the message that information is being sent
in. The UAC prompt comes up and I say yyes, but the program seems to be in a
loop. If I wait long enough, this all goes away, but the program is the same
as before. Sorry for the long read.

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John Gassman
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Winamp works great with Windows 10.
You didn't give us much information that we can work with.
What is it that isn't working for you?
At 06:29 AM 8/4/2019, you wrote:
I just got my update to Windows10 1903. Winamp no longer works. Must I
reinstall it, or are we through with it?

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