select language hotkey in laptop layout

Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi all. Thankss to all thee recent discussions about JAWS keyboard layouts, I decided that since my laptop has only a right windows key, I could benefit from having capslock as a modifier key. Except that I now have a perplexing problem. The "select language" script has no assigned key, so I assigned it to control+modifier+L. That combination works on my desktop but not on my laptop. But every other hotkey using the modifier works for me using either capslock or insert. When I first tried that key combination, JAWS gave me new conflict errors. I also tried deleting and reassigning the keystroke. There is therefore no good reason why this keystroke doesn't bring up the language list as it should. In fact, it doesn't even work using insert rather than capslock.. Any ideas?

Orlando Enrique Fiol
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