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Eventually I got a prompt indicating that I was at a certain numbered location and that another location was number 673 and it had a higher number. I was asked if I wanted to go to that higher nmber and when I said yes, the PC jumped to the same spot as was on my iPhone.
But it took a while and I think i also had my iPhone open as well which made the sync possible.
At 11:30 AM 8/3/2019, you wrote:
When you open kindle, tab to cinc. Also if you tab to library and press
space bar and will do the same and you will see your list of books. FYI.
Sometimes kindle may crash because of w10 new version.

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I started a kindle book on my iPhone and thought that it would sync
with the kindle app on my desk top computer.
It did not, how do I make that happen with JAWS?

JAWS Certified, 2014.

JAWS Certified, 2014.

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