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Richard Turner

Thanks Michelle, that does look like a good resource.  I noticed a reference to Perkins School and did not find a price; is this actually free?

This may be a great resource, paid or free, for agencies who maybe cannot get people in for training who have the basic skills to access the internet already.


Thanks for sharing.




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Hi everyone,


Thank you for all your very helpful responses about whether to purchase an external keyboard with a num pad for my laptop.  I have decided to go ahead and teach myself JAWS with the laptop commands instead of the desk top commands.  We will see how it goes- big smile!


I found this online guide to learning JAWS with laptop commands put out by an organization called Pathways to Literary.  Is anyone familiar with this organization? At first perusal, the guide looks very helpful for beginners like me and here is the link:



I am listening to the beginner audio tutorials from JAWS which are helpful, but seem dated with their references to DVD installations and JAWS version 9 and so forth. Not sure why a more current version is unavailable, but perhaps it is not necessary as the basic commands do not vary much over time.


Thanks again for all your assistance. It is much appreciated.


Regards, Michelle

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