Re: number of lines in a document

Justin Williams

Alt r w is how I do that.






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Sent: Friday, August 2, 2019 7:48 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] number of lines in a document


This works for me.

Press f6 till you hear

Status bar tool bar

Press the context menu key or shift-f10.

You will be in a list of items.  Either arrow down or tab and check what you want.  I have page number, line number and word count checked.

Press escape as needed to get back to your document.

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Sent: Friday, August 02, 2019 4:48 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] number of lines in a document


I know how to get Jaws to tell me what page I am on and how many words in a document, but is there a way for me to find out how many lines in a document without physically having to count them?


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