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Adrian Spratt



I’m guessing this isn’t the answer, but just in case. Notepad, Windows 10-1809, latest release of JAWS 19.


Whether JAWS reports the number of characters selected depends on which text selection level I choose. I will be told the number of charazcters if I select all (control-a) or from focus to end of text (shift-control-down arrow). However, if I select with just shift-down arrow, JAWS does not give me this information.


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Howdy All,


Running Windows 7 & 10 pro with J16 thru J2019 latest.  When selecting all the text in a text / Notepad file Jaws used to report how many characters wer selected, but not any more.  What or where do I need to go to find this setting so I can get this function back?  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks mooy moocho.

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