Re: Is it worth learning the adaptations for a laptop or instead buy an external keyboard with a numpad?

Van Lant, Robin

I had no intention of learning laptop layout when I switched to JAWS.  However, if memory serves correctly, I want to use caps lock as an alternative JAWS key and this did not work as I wanted it to when in desktop mode.  I turned on laptop mode and have really found it quite intuitive as someone still relatively new to JAWS.  It’s like your right hand is sitting on the numpad already, so you just get used to thinking of your right hand sitting there and the position of the keys is the same.   So, if a command says to use insert and the numpad 5, I just think of how my hand would be sitting on the 4, 5 and 6 keys on the numpad and hit the corresponding key on the querty part of the keyboard.  Hope that makes sense.  It was easier for me than trying to remember that same command as insert k. 





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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Is it worth learning the adaptations for a laptop or instead buy an external keyboard with a numpad?


There are only a few differences between using the laptop & external keyboard, mostly the insert key.  If you can get used to that, I’d recommend sticking with the laptop.  You’ll probably be mostly using a laptop from here on in.  Attaching an external keyboard to it is clunky if you can & still want to see the screen. 


You might be able to find an external numeric keypad which would be smaller & could sit right next to your laptop. 


Sherry Wells

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Subject: [jaws-users] Is it worth learning the adaptations for a laptop or instead buy an external keyboard with a numpad?


Hi everyone,


I am beginning to learn JAWS, having used Zoomtext as my reader for many years.


I use a laptop which does not have a numpad.


The JAWS support page offers an audio tutorial on how to modify my keystrokes for a laptop.


Would you recommend that I teach myself these modifications or instead purchase an external keyboard with a numpad which plugs into the laptop by a USB port?


Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Regards, Michelle Bernstein

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