Unmute and refresh screen commands can't be separated

Adrian Spratt

This is an update on a thread from last week.


the key combination JAWS key+escape has two unrelated functions. If you have sound muted, it will unmute it. Unfortunately, it will also refresh the screen, a function I use a lot. When I refresh the screen and have sound muted, the keystroke also brings back the sound, whether or not I want it to.


When I reported this problem here, it was suggested that I change the key assignment. The idea made sense, but it turns out it can’t be done. So I wrote to Vispero. Here’s what they said in reply:


The JAWS® 2019 program has added the Unmute feature to the Refresh Screen script. The only way these two functions can be separated would be to rewrite the Refresh Screen script. If you would like to see this feature considered for a future update of JAWS, you should send a messages to suggestions@... for consideration.


Yes, I have written to Vispero. I hope others who have experienced this annoyance will do so also.


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