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Van Lant, Robin

I tried the below link with three browsers.  I’m using JAWS 2019. 

With Edge, I heard the question, then each time I navigate to a radio button, JAWS is reading all three of the answer choices, but telling me which one I’m on by saying 1 of 3.  This not the behavior I’d want and I do not generally use Edge because of the way radio and checkbox labels are read, among other things.


In Internet Explorer, JAWS voices the question and the answer for the radio button I am on.  This can seem most useful to some, however, I have found this behavior very frustrating when doing a survey where the question is quite long.  For.  For example, I might be reading a test question where the scenario is presented then I have to select the answer, but navigating to each answer causes JAWS to re-read the entire scenario.  I think I ended up using the JAWS cursor or something in this case.


Google Chrome seems to present the best experience.  I heard the question once, then navigating with quick key A read only the answer.  I liked this best.






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Hello JAWS users:


I need some help from the folks on this list as a representative group of “typical” JAWS users.


I have been tasked with creating a short class on how to test web pages for accessibility, and I have run into a situation where JAWS is not behaving the way I would have expected, so I want some feedback from other s on how you would expect jaws to behave.


I have a webpage with a group of radio buttons on it:


If I jump to the first heading on the page, then tab to the first radio button, depending on the browser sometimes jaws will read the radiogroup label then the radio button value, some times it doesn’t read the label.

The same is true if I go past the radio group and shift-tab back to the last button in the group.


Sometimes I can tab through the entire list of buttons in the group sometimes tabbing once takes me into the list then the next tab takes me out of the list altogether.


When I use the forms quick navigation sometimes jaws reads the label then the button value sometimes it doesn’t.


I would appreciate any opinions/feelings on what jaws should be doing also if anyone is experiencing anything different with this particular webpage.


For those techie types, the page contains a form with a fieldset inside of it. The fieldset has a legend and three input tags inside of it to form the radio group.


Thanks in advance,



Thanks, Donald

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