Re: What is the command for toggling 8 pixels per space?

JM Casey

From the braile formating topic:


The Toggle8PixelsPerSpace option, designed to be a convenient and efficient way to view Braille, lets you conserve space on your Braille display, so more information can be displayed at one time.


JAWS often has to estimate the number of spaces within a line or portion of a line, and it estimates this based on the width in pixels. One space is assumed for every eight pixels. Displaying Braille information in this manner provides you feedback on how this information is visually presented.


Press the Toggle 8 PixelsPerSpace key and the message "unlimited pixels per space" is spoken. Using the Unlimited Pixels Per Space option allows you to move up and down through the text, viewing the display without white space. Only the space and tab characters written into the document show as blank cells.


When 8 pixels per space is selected, each line may differ in pixel length. So using the BRAILLE UP and BRAILLE DOWN keys may not place you at the same character location as that of the preceding line.


You can change the setting at any time by using the toggle key. For more information, see your Braille display's help topic on the Toggle 8 Pixels Per Space keystroke.


Elsewhere in the braille modes section:


In Line Mode, JAWS provides a way for you to change how text is shown on your braille display. The default setting is 8 pixels per space. For more information on pixel space relative to white space on your braille display, see the section on braille formatting.


It’s this toggle that I am looking for.  I can find no reference to it ina nything specific to the Focus, so far.





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I believe I found the same user guide. I am not looking for the six to eight dot toggle. This is a command that, as far as I know, pertains to how JAWS estimates the use of space on the braille display. It is mentioned in the braille section of the help topics, and it is advised that you can switch to “unlimited” if you have occasional issues with white space on the display. I used to know this command, in fact, on the Seika, and I can’t remember if there was an appropriate way to switch it in settings/using the JAWS menus, but I feel like there was. Although the braille section of the manual does mention this toggle, it frustratingly doesn’t actually tell you what the command is … or at least, not that I can see. I’ve looked in both the Focus manual and the list of keystrokes for this display given in the same Braille help tpics. Nothing going. I’ve used the find feature in all cases.




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You are probably right, I wasn’t paying attention, I looked up changing between 8-dot and 6-dot braille on a Focus 40 Blue.  I found the user guide on the web by just googling “focus 40 user guide.) To switch between 6-dot and 8-dot braille use cord dots 2, 3, 6.


I hope that is closer to the mark!




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I wonder if JM is referring to dots in a cell, pins that is, and not pixels on the screen.

I don't think pixels would correctly refer to Braille pins on a Braille display.



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I am not completely sure I understand what you are asking, but try JAWS setting center under miscellaneous. There are pixel settings in there. I know, I used to use them to adjust the spacing in the old wonderful WordPerfect.

Hope that helps!




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Subject: [jaws-users] What is the command for toggling 8 pixels per space?




I used to know this because I remember pressing a two=key combinati on the Seika braille display I was using at work at the time

Now I have a Focus 40 and I cannot find this toggle anywhere. I have found a few allusions to it online. I’ve tried the JAWS command search and only come up with useless results (I seriously don’t think this feature is even working properly). I’m using JAWS 2018. Any ideas?



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