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Hi Jeff & Glenn,
Those steps are for Windows 7.  Below are steps for Windows 10 to keep the notification on the screen longer, but the keystroke to access a notification if it pops-up is, Windows key, Shift + V.
From: Bill White
1. Open Control Panel.
2. Navigate to Ease of Access, and press ENTER.
3. Navigate to the "Make it easier to focus on Tasks link and press ENTER.
4. TAB about ten times to the "How long should Windows Notification Dialog Boxes Stay Open" dialog.
5. Arrow up and down in the combo box to find your desired length.
6. TAB to the OK button, and press ENTER.
7. Now Windows Notifications will stay open longer.

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Hi Jeff,
Maybe this will help, I saved one of Mike's messages, which I think he had saved from someone else.
Here you go:
Hi All,
I ran across a tip on how to set the time for how long balloon messages will stay up so you can have time to access them.  Here you go;
In Windows 7 it's under "Ease of Access".  Type Ease of Access in to the
search box in the start prompt. In the Ease of Access Center go to, "Make  it
easier to focus on tasks", and hit enter.
Near the end of the options that come up is a combobox with different time settings to adjust the time
that those balloons stay on screen.
I adjusted mine to 1 minute which gives me enough time to find them and
click on them.  Hope this helps.  Take care.

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Thanks, David. I appreciate your guide. I found it helpful, although I'm
not sure how to take action on a notification. This is probably because
I don't have any that need action to be taken at this time. Hopefully,
I'll remember what to do when I do get such a notification.


On 7/29/2019 12:33 AM, David Bailes wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> in the following guide to the Taskbar in Windows 10, there's a section
> on notifications:
> _
> David.
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 02:29 AM, Audiobookfan wrote:
>     Ok, I'm confused and frustrated. From time to time, I hear JAWS
>     announce
>     a notification, such as when its booting up or when a device is
>     inserted, etc. But I cannot ever find this text anywhere on the screen.
>     Where is JAWS reading this from and how can I review or act upon it?
>     I was thinking I heard that these notifications could be heard by
>     pressing windows-a, but this brings up something called the Action
>     Center, and I cannot figure out what I can do with this dialog. Tabbing
>     around seems to leave me with the option of clearing these actions, but
>     again, how do I actually learn what these actions want me to do and how
>     I can act upon them?
>     If there's any documentation on this, please point me in that direction.
>     Thanks,
>     Jeff

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