Speech will not stay muted

JM Casey


I recently got a Focus 40 braille display and am running it through JAWS 2018. Everything’s working pretty great, for the most part, and I’m very happy. One of the things I like most is being able to turn the speech off and use braille only sometimes. This is particularly great when there are other people around and I don’t want to distract/bother/advertise my actions to them.

As I understand it, jaws key + space, s is the speech toggle, and it can be set to either “speech on demand” or “speech mute”. I was using it with some success until recently. But it doesn’t seem to – stick. Even now, I press insert-space, s, and jaws says “speech mute”, but, well, the speech is  not muted.

Am I missing something? This is, in theory, just what I want, isn’t it?

Just now I unloaded JAWS, reloaded it, and tried again. The speech mute toggle is working again. But this is the second time I’ve had to reload JAWS in the last ten minutes to fix this.


Anyone have any pointers?




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