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Kevin <kleeva5@...>

Not sure if this is what you want:

to change the view of your message display in windows live mail

press alt to bring up the ribbon menu

navigate to the view ribbon with the right arrow key

when on the view ribbon press the down arrow

select a new view for your messages

press enter

you will be presented with four message views

select the third rule (show all messages)

tab to apply

press spacebar

when prompted select all folders

press enter

choose the view ribbon again

press down

navigate by pressing the leftor right  arrow key to the message drop down

press enter

press the down arrow til you get to one line message view

make sure one line message view  is checked

if not

press spacebar


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From: Lenny McHugh
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2019 9:38 AM
To: Jaws Users
Subject: [jaws-users] wlm message list


I am using the wlm 2012 on this win 10 machine. I do not like the way that messages are presented. It only shows the subject and if there is a reply to the message the name of the replier is listed under. If I delete the first message all subsequent replies are also deleted. I have been  looking for settings to change and do not see anything that will help. Any suggestions?


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