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Unfortunately, that's happened to a lot of us with this latest upgrade.
At 05:04 PM 7/27/2019, you wrote:
While in that folder, hit alt+v then arrow right to details and hit your spacebar, then arrow right to group by, hit your spacebar and select name.
Hit enter, and maybe refresh the window with f5 and you should have everything alphabetical by name in details view.


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I finally got Windows 10 upgraded to version 1903 and I'm running the latest version of JAWS 2019.

Perhaps it was like this before I upgraded to 1903 and I just didn't notice, but the folder view for my downloads folder seems messed up.
First, when I enter the folder, JAWS says something about "today expanded" and the files are not listed in alphabetical order. How do I change the view so that I get a detail view with the subfolders listed first in alphabetical order then the files, also in alphabetical order?


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