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Rebecca Lineberger

If you’re alt-tabbing, I would assume you’re using the alt-tab to switch from one program to another—a Word doc to an email message--or between two documents or messages within the same program (if you have your task bar set up that way).  The only time I can see a running program getting in the way would be if you had JAWS running on the task bar instead of in the system tray.  If you remove JAWS, then there won’t be that extra program to alt-tab through.

If you happen to have more than two programs running that you do want open, windows key-tab is a more efficient way to switch.

Press windows key-tab then left or right arrow quickly to the one you want and press enter.  Or if you know the order of the programs on the task bar, press windows key and the number of the program you want.


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Yes that is what I mean, sorry

I use the tab and alt key to switch from screen to screen



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I’m not sure you want to remove the taskbar, but you’d definitely want to stop it getting in the way when you switch screens. What keystroke do you use to switch?


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Sorry if this is a repeat but when I toggal back and forth from screen to screen, I get task bar in the midle

How can I remove this feature? Or can i?

I am using Windows 10, jaws 17 and office 2016 on a lonovo touch screen(don’t se that feature) smile ) desk top



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