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Hello Mike.


Interesting info there. I have Malwarebytes myself, but disabled all the features, and just ran it as an on-demand scanner. Recently (earlier this month) my PC builder took my machine and put everything in a new, much bigger case, and installed an SSD for my system drive. While doing so, he updated Malwarebytes and now it’s the fully functional trial version again, which has this “tray application” thing that you mentioned. I hear it come up when I first start the computer and the desktop comes up. However, it does not seem to be interfering with my shortcuts. I had to test this just now as I hardly use them at all anyway, but, all does still seem to be working here.


I’m running Jaws 2018, though. This seems to make a difference, somehow.




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Hi Richard,


Running Windows 10 Pro & J2019, the only time my shortcut keystrokes don't work is when Malwarebytes is running.  MWB has this window called, Malwarebytes Tray Application, that, for lack of a better term, lays over the top of other screens, but the weird thing about this page, or whatever it is, is that it's invisible to the sighted people, but is seen by screenreading programs.  Several months ago I demonstrated this fact to a nonbelieving MWB tech support person by the way of a screen shareing session and they were able to get rid of this page in Windows 7, but not in Windows 10.  I've read about others with the same issue you're having and I do hope they join in with you since not being able to use your shortcut keystrokes can be very irritating.

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I've begun a conversation with Eric Damery from Freedom Scientific about the issue I have on my home computer with Jaws 2019 blocking my use of my desktop shortcut keys.
If anyone else is experiencing this, could you please write both Eric and myself?  At this point, I'm a loan voice on this one.
Eric's email is EDamery@...

My address is: richardturner42@...


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