Re: new Nuance vocalizer voices version


Hi i just went to the web site you sent.

And looked threw the vocalizor voices and don't see aven in the list of US english voices.

So what did I miss if anything.

On 7/25/2019 7:49 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
yes, there a number of new voices, such as the Evan voice for US English, and more. In all there are around 145 voices with several new languages. Why not go to  go to the screen reader voices link, then sapi5 vocalizer link, then get a 7 day trial. The sapi5 codeFactory vocalizer will work fine with jaws and then you can try the new voices, such as Evan for U.S. English. And the codeFactory vocalizer packages let you choose the voice quality, as in, do you want a great-sounding voice that is nearly 300mb? or do you want a much smaller compact voice which may only be 50mb but the quality is not as good. the voice manager codeFactory provides lets you manage which voices are installed and which ones are not with easy install/uninstall buttons, like how jaws lets you easily choose which vocalizer voices you want. I cannot wait until next Friday because I am spending the $115 on sapi5 vocalizer and another $69 on the eloquence/vocalizer combo-pack for NVDA. I run Jaws and NVDA on a cheap $110 United States dollars RCA cambio tablet with 2gigs ram, intel atom z8350 processor and windows 10 home 32bit and it has a physical keyboard dock and the tablet has a touch screen. It works great with Jaws, though sometimes a bit slow here and there. But at the time I did not have much money and needed a computer so figured I would try the RCA cambio with jaws just to see how it goes and it works quite well. I mostly use it docked to the keyboard with jaws. And due to the cheapness of the keyboard some key combinations with jaws do not work out of the box so you have to go into keyboard manager and change a few key combinations for laptop mode. I changed the jaws window key to capslock alt j, and made some other changes. Once I have the money saved up though I'll be getting an asus tough gaming laptop with AMD ryzen r5, 8gigs ram and at least 256gb solid state drive. I bet that'll run Jaws really really fast! also the vocalizer voices, even the highest quality ones work fine on the RCA Cambio tablet/hybrid laptop that I got. 



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