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Sharon S

Hi Brian, I too have been looking for a way to get rid of tables but keep the text. Your second option works great for me.


Thanks for sharing.

From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.


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Hello Jerry,


Here are a couple methods that you can try.


If you have many tables in the document you can list them using JAWS key with CTRL and T.  After doing so use down arrow key to find the table you want to work in and press enter to move focus there.


With the cursor located in the table press the Alt key to move focus to the top part of the ribbon.  After doing so press J followed by L followed by V. 

In the resulting “Convert table to text” dialog box you can choose how to replace the column dividers.  The default is by using tabs.  If you want to use a space instead of a tab then choose the down arrow key to the “Other” radio button.  Press spacebar when focus goes into the edit box. 

Tab to OK and press spacebar. 


If your keyboard has a number pad you can do the following:


Move focus into the table. 

Use JAWS key 3 (the number above E).

Immediately use Alt with the number 5 on the number pad.  This selects the entire table.

Use CTRL X to cut the selection.

Without moving the cursor immediately use the application key and move down to the pasting options.  Arrow right to the Keep Text Only option and use enter key.


This second method is quick but the tabs are still left.


You can then proceed to select and delete the text you don’t want to keep.   


If after pasting and keeping text only you want to get rid of the tabs you can select the text that you pasted and use Find and Replace.  After selecting the text use CTRL with H.  In the Find What box use a caret with T (that is shift key with 6 followed immediately with 6).  Tab to the Replace With box and press spacebar.  Tab to the Replace All button and use spacebar.  Word will tell you it has finished with the selection and ask if it should check the rest of the document and you can answer “No.”


Take care.  


Brian Lee



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Yes. Now there is another problem. Within some of the tables is text that I need to keep. So, what is the process for keeping the text, which I know is contradictory to my previous inquiry. Sorry.



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Did you try to select it, and pressing the del key?




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Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws and Removal of Tables


Afternoon all.


Using Jaws 2018, Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, I am trying to remove a series of tables, along with its text, from a Word 13 document. I know that this has been discussed previously, but I cannot remember the process. Any help in this will be helpful. Please forgive the sometimers.



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