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Don Raikes


Typically when I encounter tabs on a web page, I press enter to activate the tab then enter again to exit forms mode then I can tab into the open tab.


Thanks, Donald

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Tabs on web Pages


What is the PC curser key please?



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Hi Andy,
When I press enter on a Tab I get the same sound as I get when I open an edit field, so I press the PC cursor key to close the so called edit field and
then I can arrow or tab through the options.  You can also try a left mouse click on the tabs.

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Subject: [jaws-users] Tabs on web Pages


I am noticing that more and more web pages are using tabs on the page to organize their content. For example, a restaurant menu web page may have tabs for breakfast, lunch items, etc.  When I hit ENTER or the spacebar to access a tab, I find that i can't read any of the items within the tab, or navigate within the tab.  What keystrokes do I need to use to work with these tabs?




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