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Adrian Spratt

Hi, Alison.


Terminology can be confusing. On this list, when people refer to the “JAWS key,” they’re typically using shorthand for the insert key on the desktop layout and the caps lock on the laptop layout. I think you’re asking here about the JAWS cursor key, the one above the PC cursor key that Justin explained.


The JAWS cursor sometimes enables you to read parts of the screen that you can’t access in the normal PC cursor mode. As listers have been saying more often lately, it doesn’t help as often as it used to, but sometimes it still can. If you find yourself wondering about a particular webpage or screen, press the JAWS cursor key, then press control-home to go to the top of the screen, then press “say all.” See if JAWS picks up any additional information. To bring back the PC cursor, just press that PC cursor key.


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Many thanks for this. Another ask! I see the example of accessing tabs, but when else might one find the Jaws key useful?




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Put your hand on the top right of your numpad. 


the first button is the jaws cursor. 


The second button, one below that, is about twice as long.  That, is your PC key.





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What is the PC curser key please?



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Hi Andy,
When I press enter on a Tab I get the same sound as I get when I open an edit field, so I press the PC cursor key to close the so called edit field and
then I can arrow or tab through the options.  You can also try a left mouse click on the tabs.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
If at first you DO succeed, try not to look astonished!

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I am noticing that more and more web pages are using tabs on the page to organize their content. For example, a restaurant menu web page may have tabs for breakfast, lunch items, etc.  When I hit ENTER or the spacebar to access a tab, I find that i can't read any of the items within the tab, or navigate within the tab.  What keystrokes do I need to use to work with these tabs?




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