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Hi Teri,
Below is a note I saved, but personally I've never done this.
From: Brian Lee
In Word, place the cursor where you want to insert the logo. 
Use Alt followed by N followed by P for choosing a picture to insert.
Browse to the PNG file and insert it.
JAWS recognizes the inserted picture as an object. 
Use CTRL with shift and O to select the picture.
JAWS should speak the height and width of the picture at this point.
Press enter key.
When you press enter key the "Lay out options" pane should appear.  It might
come up and have keyboard focus right on the "See more" button or you might
have to use F6 until focus is in the pane.
Press spacebar on the "See more" button.
There will be three page tabs in the resulting dialog box.  Go to the Size
You can tab across to confirm absolute height and width. 
The aspect ratio will likely be locked and be relative to the original
picture size.  As you tab you should find a rotation box and it is likely on
zero degrees.
There are also two boxes for adjusting height and width, which will  only
work if you uncheck the aspect ratio checkbox. If you do uncheck that
checkbox and adjust height and width percentages then JAWS will speak the
new dimensions in the document when you use CTRL with shift and O to select
the picture.
I hope this is what you are wanting.
Take care.
Brian Lee

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Are there any tutorials that cover putting graphics like pictures in a
document using Jaws? Or any tips and tricks? I'm doing a course that
requires me to produce material including pictures for the class students.

Also, are there any teachers on the list who use Jaws and who would be
happy to correspond with me privately?

Thanks for any help anyone is able to offer.


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