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Hi Bob,
You can check and change your cap pitch using the steps below.  I have my cap pitch set at 27 so I can tell caps a little easier.
1. Press, Insert + J, to open the Jaws context menu, then press the letter, O, to open options, or arrow down to, Options, and press enter.
2. Press the letter, V, to open the Voices submenu, or down arrow to, submenu Voices, and press enter.
3. Press enter on, Voice adjustment...
4. Tab 5 times to, Voice adjust combobox, All Contexts, and in here is where you'll find the caps pitch setting by tabbing a few times.
5. Now down arrow to find the PC cursor, Jaws cursor, Keyboard and Tutor message voices.  Tab on each of these to find voice rate and pitch change settings. 
If you make any changes make sure that you apply and okay them to save them.  If you change the cap pitch in the all contexts dialogue it'll cover all cursors.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Jaws 2019
Win 10
WLM 12
Word 10
When typing in WLM and Word, and reading back with arrow keys, I cannot tell what letters are upper case. This often results in typing a sentence, or even more, in upper case.
How can I tell when I am typing in upper case?
How can I tell which letters are upper case when reviewing what I have written with the arrow keys?
Bob Ringwald
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