Re: Please remind me how I can access the addressbooks in Outlook 10.

Brian Lee

Hello Judy,


In addition to using the CTRL key with the various numbers to move between parts of Outlook, you can use CTRL with Shift and B while composing a message to bring up the address book.  In the resulting dialog box you can show the list by names listed alphabetically by choosing the “Name only” radio button.  There is a combo box from which you can pick the applicable contacts list to search.  When you start typing a name in the search box you can tab to the Go button and use it.  Tab again and you will find a list of names starting with the one you typed in the search box.  Use up or down arrow keys to move up or down the list of names.  When the name you want is in focus tab to whichever button applies to the field in which you want the name to be placed.  There are three buttons, a “To”, a “CC” and a “BCC” button.  After using spacebar on the button that applies, tab to and use the OK button.  This dialog box can be used while composing a new message,. Replying to a message or forwarding a message.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Judy Jones
Sent: July 20, 2019 10:16 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Please remind me how I can access the addressbooks in Outlook 10.


I’m on Windows 10, unlike Windows 7 at work, and can’t seem to pull up any address lists.



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