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Robin Frost <robini71@...>

Not sure if this is the same but it’s worth a shot.  I recently experienced this in Office 365’s version as well. I almost abandoned Live Mail as a result and I’m sure some might advocate that at any rate regardless. But returning to the topic at hand. Go into Word and access its options and make sure auto correct is turned on.  I know, I know that’s not what you’re asking for and you might not even want to use it but trust me this is the only known way to revive the ability to do that which you wish. Try it and you might find that pleasantly the option to spell check in Live Mail revives.
Good luck and I hope that helps.
Take good care.

From: Lenny McHugh
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2019 8:52 PM
To: Jaws Users
Subject: [jaws-users] wlm 2012 check spelling
Again, I am at a loss. On both my win 7 machine and win 10 laptop F7 checks spelling with word 2010. On this new machine win 10 it does not work and I just reinstalled office home 2010..Any suggestions on how to correct this? TIA

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