Re: Windows 10 Offline Account

Gerald Levy

Relax.?? There is no hurry to update to Windows 10 1903.?? According to Paul Therrot, a well-respected MS expert, as of June, less than 7% of all Windows 10 computers have updated to feature update 1903.?? Indeed, there have been so many reported bugs with 1903 that it may be some time before it is offered on all Windows 10 computers. So ifyou have Windows 10 1809, and Windows Update reports that you're up to date, you have nothing to worry about.


On 7/18/2019 12:23 PM, Tom Fairhurst wrote:

I purchased a Windows 10 computer in May. I chose to use an off-line account. I am receiving updates but have not been offered Windows 1903. I do have an Office 365 account. I hope this doesn???t have any ramifications for future JAWS updates.

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