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Van Lant, Robin

I just did the following approach successfully within Outlook 2016.   Go to the contacts folder  where the contacts you want to move are. You can do this in a number of ways. I used Control Y to open the list of folder and arrowed down to the my main email account then to Contacts.  This is a tree view, so you may need to right arrow to open the list of folders under the account.


You’ll be placed on the first contact in your folder.  Hit Control A to select all.  Then hit Control C or Control X to copy or cut respectively.


Use Control Y to open the folder list again and navigate to the contact folder where you want to place the contacts.  Again, you may have to right arrow to open a tree view to see the next contacts folder. 


Once you’ve landed in the Contracts folder, hit Control V to paste the contacts.  I just did this with 3 contacts from my main email account and place them into a different account’s contacts.


I never use that Control Shift B method to access my contacts.  I’ll have to see what advance that gives, but it’s not even on my radar to use it.  It’s providing a list of contact, but it is not the kind of list you can copy from. 


Generally, you can use Control 3 to go to your contacts for the given email account.


Robin Van Lant


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ok, within office 2016,

I tried the following;


1, opened outlook,

2, pressed ctrl+shift+b=book,

3, tab until I get to the combo box,

now choose the addressbook/folder where the contacts are currently, so, in the list of contacts, I highlight one, copy to clipboard, tab back to the combo box, find the correct folder, tab and I see there's 0 contacts, so I paste, and nothing happens.

so, the copy paste does not work.

I tested this on my own machine.




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That’s correct- it’s a simple copy and paste. If control-A does not work for any reason, hold down the shift key and press the end key to select all or select the ones you want with control-space and paste only those entries.






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I have not tried it, but I would think you could simply go into one contact folder, do a Control A to select all then copy into the desired folder.  Outlook is usually pretty straight forward with that kind of thing.




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Subject: [jaws-users] jaws & outlook2016


Good morning listers.

does anyone happen to know how to move contacts from one folder to another?


One of my clients had a friend help him upgrade his office 2007 to office 2016.

unfortunately, through the process, the program created another contact folder.

he now has 3 folders.

his gmail account contact folder, a contacts folder, and the newly created one. is there a way to move contacts to the gmail, or, contact folder?


in advance, thanks for the help.



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