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Thanks to all. I kind of figured this was the case. I know that you can generate lists in excel, modifying each cell according to whatever text for the headings. Thanks again to all.

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I would use google calendar to set appointments. 


But, among the other activities, you might have to just go activity by activity, and see which product, software,  or service worked better.







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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Administrator Assistant Software


I have never come across any free software that will perform those tasks, sorry.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Administrator Assistant Software


Morning all.


Using JAWS 2018, MS Office 13 and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, can anyone tell me if there is a software program for performing Administrator Assistant duties i.e. setting appointments, etc.? I know that some of this can be created in Office, but was just wondering about a program already created to do these functions. I was on the JAWS Users website, under the programs and productivity pages, but did not find out anything regarding this inquiry. Thanks much.


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