decTalk speak windows with jaws

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>


I figured it out. I guess those decTalk speak windows use an older accessibility method. So I had to turn the old accessibility driver on, and then jaws saw the graphics I was looking for. It’s a good thing jaws kept the older accessibility driver method for those programs that need it. So by turning it on now I can successfully click the graphics in the decTalk speak window demo players. I sure wish they would bring back decTalk access32 for jaws. Because if jaws used decTalk access32 to its full potential, then we could assign different tone sounds including touch tone combinations to certain jaws events. DecTalk is very lite and responsive, not sure why Freedom Scientific decided to get rid of it. I have a sapi5 version of decTalk that works ok with jaws, but it really needs updating because the sapi5 decTalk is not very responsive. Its responsiveness has to be improved in order to work good with the latest jaws 2019.





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