A couple of jaws issues.

Ron Kolesar

Hello to my fellow jaws users.
I just got off of the phone with the MS disability hotline.
The experiment that we ran was this.
1. When you are moving folders and or a huge amount of files from one folder to another and or from one hard drive to another you do see the progress of how many files have been moved and how many files that still needs to be moved.
But what you do not see like in the good old days of win 7, you do not see the processor speed that takes to move the folders and all of the files that you're moving.
But you do see the speed of your processor when you switch to narrator.
it shows the total of all the files, how many files have been move and how many are left to be copied and or moved and it shows the speed.
But it dose not show the speed when you're using jaws.
2. Also, when you move files and or folders from one place to another, the less details is checked, when you uncheck that with the spacebar your more details or greater details does pop up at you but it is unchecked.
When you do click on more details, it goes back to the less details.
So, far those are the only two details that are not working within JAWS.
I just thought my fellow jaws users would like to know this and I welcome any feedback on these features that needs to be fixed and hope that they'll be in the next upgrade of jaws.
Very Thankfully Yours,
Ron Kolesar Ham Station KR3DOG
In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes,
From Ron U.S. Ham Radio Station KR3DOG

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