Re: JAWS and Chrome stop working together after a while

Rebecca Lineberger

Hi Adrian,
I'm using Windows 10, 1803, with the latest versions of JAWS and Chrome, and with 16 G of RAM.. Sometimes when a page loads, the page just isn't there. It doesn't happen in IE, or in Edge, so I'm assuming it's somehow related to how JAWS and Chrome play together, or how they don't. Smile. I either alt-f4 out and try again, or restart JAWS. I don't have the free screen reader installed on my computer, so I can't test things outside of JAWS. But I don't recall this ever happening when I used Window-Eyes.

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On my new Windows 10 machine, JAWS completely stops reading anything in Chrome. Each time I reboot, they work fine together, but not for more than, say, an hour. Not only won't JAWS read content, but it also can't read menus, etc. When this happens, I select the webpage's address, and even though JAWS can't read it, I can paste the copy into IE and open the page there. Since Chrome is now my default, this is a serious limitation.

This machine is solid state. I'm confident I have enough RAM, but I haven't yet figured out where I can get system information and so can't report the exact number. Windows key+pause no longer does the trick, nor does opening properties on the C drive.

Any ideas?

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