Re: Zoom isn't quite as accessible as I thought

chris judge

Hi. I haven’t used zoom to this extent so haven’t run in to this. Question, do you have the scripts from Brian Hartgen? Also, if you want to seriously learn the entire zoom platform, you might want to consider making a small investment and purchasing Jonathan Mosens book, Meet me in the cloud. It’s brilliant, as is all his material and will guide you through every aspect of using zoom.


From: <> On Behalf Of JOHN RIEHL via Groups.Io
Sent: July 11, 2019 8:37 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Zoom isn't quite as accessible as I thought


I was in a zoom call today. Everything worked great; I could read the options as before – until they shared someone’s screen with the participants. At that point, JAWS said I was in a video container and I was taken to a website in Firefox (in a separate tab) to  check on or download software.

All of the previously accessible controls disappeared. They reappeared once the moderator stopped sharing their screen with the rest

of us. Has anyone else had this experience?

If so, how do I fix the problem?



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