Re: Strange Voice behavior

Adrian Spratt

I use an external synthesizer and occasionally have the same issue. I have a suggestion: Instead of going into the options menu, press control-JAWS key-s to bring up the profiles list, which you can navigate with the arrow keys or by first letter. Press enter on your synth, and it should come up speaking. Much faster than the options menu.

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I usually use the compact voice, as it seems clearer. But this time I switched to the premium.


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"Casey" <cwollner@...> wrote:

hI do you use the compact version of that voice or the high quality version of that voice.

On 7/11/2019 6:41 AM, Mike Rogers wrote:
I use the Vocalizer Nathan voice. This morning, as occasionally happens, when the computer boots up the elequence voice comes on and I have to go into the Jaws option menu and change it back to Nathan. Why is this happening? Using latest J-19 and windows 10.



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