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I'm with Larry. Online backup services are not inexpensive and require a speedy Internet service and still are not as fast as an external USB drive. I realize an external USB drive doesn't meet the offsite backup recommendation but it is a lot less expensive and much faster.

Alan Lemly 

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I’m too cheap to pay for a backup service, I just purchased an external drive and back up all my files to that.



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I use Open Drive.

It's 100 bucks a year for unlimited.

It has a secure folder that you will want to back up your critical stuff.

You will want to download their wizard and when you do that, you just sync folders on your computer and it keeps them backed up.



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Subject: [jaws-users] Online Backup Services


Hi all,


Can anyone recommend an online pc backup service that work well with Jaws. Downloaded and bought Idrive last night and find that I can’t figure out how to get Jaws to work with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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