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chris judge

That would only help if he has another sound source to feed jaws through.



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I don't think SF is self-voicing.

Did you go into Jaws settings and try selecting a different sound device for Jaws?

I usually bring up the settings by pressing enter on the Jaws icon on the desktop.

Go to utilities and down arrow to sound card and try checking another device by pressing enter on one that is not checked.

Also, be prepared to call up Narrator or another screenreader if things go silent when you do this, so you can go back and check another one.



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Hi John,


Is Sound Forge a self voicing program?  I've heard of it, but don't know what it does.

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A friend wrote me with a problem.
I think I remember this problem coming up a while ago but don't know
how it might have been resolved.
Any suggestions?
He says:  I am having a conflict with jaws 2019 and sound forge 11 on
my pc.  I have a sighted engineer friend who notice that if I open
sound forge 11 first then jaws 2019 I will have speech and I can use
sound forge 11.  If I open jaws 2019 and then sound forge 11 my jaws
speech will disappeared and I need to reboot my pc to get
jaws  back.  My friend believes that Jaws and sound forge are
fighting   over the sound on my sound card.  What can I do to fix this issue.

John again, I can confirm his problem but have not encounterd it myself.
He is using windows 10 latest version.
We installed the latest sound forge drivers today.

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