Re: Help with jaws. This is urgent.

andy t

I am resetting everything now and removing all files I don’t know exactly what Microsoft did but I am in the reset process now and there should be nothing left on it but windows.


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When you did this, did you do the keep files, or remove everything?


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I had a similar problem not with JAWS but with installing Office. Microsoft disability desk tried for several hours to get it installed but no go. This happened right after updating to Windows 10 1903. Finally I did a reset of windows and after that all went as it should. I installed Office in a few minutes. I think something happened with the first upgrade to 1903 and the reset fixed it.

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Subject: [jaws-users] Help with jaws. This is urgent.


My computer was working well Wednesday night and I shut it down and when I restarted it yesterday all sound was dead.

I was running windows 10-1809 and the jaws latest June update. I have called Microsoft support 6 times already they did all the troubleshooting they could and still no sound but everything showed that it was working except the sound service was dead. Finally they updated my computer to 1903 and then I had sound again but I can’t get jaws to run on it no matter what I do. I can run narrator fine now I have uninstalled jaws and all the programs associated with it and Microsoft even cleaned the registry and we have re installed jaws several times and even tried a jaws repair but jaws comes up and says there are missing files please re install this program. I

Even called freedom scientific support and got no help there. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and if so what did you do to fix it.

I have done all I can to fix this and I am still stumped, if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it very much.

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