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Jim Pursley

Yes, you can use the titleregionx to delineate rows and columns in specific regions.  You absolutely must have the title reading override OFF, as the first responder said.  If the titles don't read for you once you've set them up, first suspect the override position in the Excel quick settings.

You dont even have to use title in the name. But, there's one important step you MUST do to get your columns and rows line up as you want them.  You will need to position your cursor on the top left cell before you look for define name and start the naming process.  Insert end will take you to the lower right end of the spreadsheet to give you a view of the size of the whole thing, but if you organize by regions you'll need of course to set up ranges for each region.

Like the golf ball, you'll be a titleist when you mark Excel titles using define name.On 7/4/2019 5:11 AM, Faraz wrote:

Thanks for the help. i tried the solution and its work now. a bit more help. i am actually using multiple data region in my work book and wanting to know if i can setup individual row's and column reading settings for each of them ? and how ?

On 7/4/2019 1:00 AM, Jim Pursley wrote:
Since JAWS 2018, I've found the ins/Alt/control R or c to be only temporary.  It won't hold for me at least when I exit or when I save the spreadsheet.  But it is handy for quick column and row title naming.  More permanent is the way Microsoft set it up in Excel, using that applications key to scroll up (faster than down) to define name.  Click on define name and write titleregion1..(end of the spreadsheet) then either hit enter or tab out to the end and hit OK.  Using this method is permanent once you save the file.  It will hold even if you need to temporarily exite the spreadsheet without closing.  You can also use the ribbon menus under the formula tab to define a name, but the application key is a lot faster.

Additionally, the process works great if you  want to have JAWS read columns and titles of multiple regions (titleregion2.. etc.

Alas, my simple R and C method has givenway to more typing, but at least I don't fret any longer when opening a spreadsheet.

Note: The method I mentioned above should work in Excel 2013, too, though I've not tried it.

On 7/3/2019 9:30 AM, Justin Williams wrote:
Try insert control alt r on your row title and insert control alt c for your column title.

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hello list, i am facing issue of reading row's and column title in excel
2013 with jaws 2019. i even apply the required setting in jaws verbosity but it is still not reading column titles for row's. i believe it is because of new jaws 2019 as i have been using the same excel file . if any of you facing the same issue please do let me know the fix.

thanks in advance.

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Faraz q.

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