Re: excel row's and column reading title issue

Ann Byrne

In the JAWS training materials, there are instructions for making a bookmark to describe row and column titles. If you use those, you need to be sure that in quick settings

Title Reading\Workbook, Worksheet and Region Settings\Excel Settings\Define Name Column and Row Titles Override

is turned off.

The JAWS hot key for turning on column settings is
and for rows is

It's a real finger stretch.

Remember that insert+h while in an application lists the hot keys for the application.

Good luck.

At 03:21 AM 7/3/2019, you wrote:
hello list, i am facing issue of reading row's and column title in excel 2013 with jaws 2019. i even apply the required setting in jaws verbosity but it is still not reading column titles for row's. i believe it is because of new jaws 2019 as i have been using the same excel file . if any of you facing the same issue please do let me know the fix.

thanks in advance.

With best regards,
Faraz q.

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