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Glenn / Lenny

Some states are now charging tax for on-line items.
Nebraska has started this now, the big sellers like eBay and Amazon are complying.

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Question About Use Of Ebay With Jaws

I don't sell on EBay, but I shop there all the time using the EBay advanced search page.?? Shopping on EBay is like browsing the world's largest 99 cent store.?? I have purchased dozens of items for less than a buck, which is actually less than I would pay at my local 99 cent store, which charges sales tax.?? It must cost these sellers more than 99 cents to ship these items from China or Hong Kong, so I don't know how they makemoney. For instance, I recently purchased a pair of oven mitts on EBay for only 99 cents shipped.?? My local 99 cent store charges $1.49 plus tax for only one mitt.?? So what if it sometimes takes a few weeks to receive the item??? The EBay advanced page is completely accessible with JAWS.?? Happy shopping.


On 6/30/2019 12:56 PM, Robert Ringwald wrote:
Does anyone buy and sell successfully on ebay with Jaws??
Bob Ringwald
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