Re: Column and Row announcements?

Brian Lee

Hello Ron,


Here are a couple methods you can try to see if they do what you are wanting.  I am not currently using the chromium-based Edge browser but these steps will likely work.


To affect the speaking of such things as table row and column titles and cell coordinates try the following:


1.       Open the browser and use JAWS key with V to bring up the quick settings for the browser.

2.       Tab to the tree view and you should hear the “Virtual cursor options” item announced.  If the level is closed then use right arrow key to expand it. 

3.       Arrow down to “Virtual cursor verbosity level” and use the spacebar to cycle through the three choices.  Stop pressing spacebar when you hear “Low.”

4.       Press T three times until you get to “Table options.”

5.       If “Table options” is closed then use right arrow to expand it.

6.       Arrow down and you will find the current setting for layout tables.  Leave this set to ignore.

7.       Arrow down to Table Titles.  “Only marked headers” is selected by default.  Use spacebar until you get to the Off option. 

8.       Arrow down to Cell Coordinates Announcement.  If selected then the coordinates will be announced after the cell content.  Use spacebar to uncheck it.

9.       Tab to OK and use spacebar.


If you want to stop hearing table and grid information at the beginning or end of such elements you can do the following:


1.       When in the browser use JAWS key with 6 to launch the settings center for the browser.

2.       Tab to the tree view and then arrow down to Web/HTML/PDFS.  If necessary use right arrow key to open it.

3.       Press R until you hear “Reading” and if necessary use right arrow to open it.

4.       Use down arrow key until you get to “Web verbosity level” and you will hear that it is set to high, medium or low.  Use spacebar repeatedly to cycle among these three settings.  You might want to use “Low” to minimize the amount of speech feedback from JAWS.

5.       Arrow down to “Configure web verbosity levels” and if necessary use right arrow to expand it.

6.       Use down arrow to the level you chose.  “Low” should be the level you choose to get less speech when navigating. 

7.       When you hear “Low” with the ellipsis press spacebar.

8.       This brings up a list of preferences for when the “Low” verbosity level is set.

9.       Tap T until you hear “Table or grid” and press spacebar to uncheck it.

10.   Tab to OK and use spacebar.

11.   Tab to “Apply” and use spacebar, and then tab to OK and use spacebar again.


Take care.    


Brian Lee



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