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David Goldfield

I would also like to add that Brian Hartgen's Leasey program does contain a working Amazon search facility, which is available  from within the Leasey search tools. Leasey Search is somewhat similar to Research It but contains items not found in the standard Research It list, such as currency conversion, info on specific artists or albums, performing a Google search, etc. Amazon searches are one of the items which are in the list of search sources. Leasey is not free of cost but is, in my opinion, worth considering as it adds a huge amount of functionality to JAWS. I highly recommend it. The above link will take you to the Leasey page for more information.

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On 6/29/2019 11:07 PM, John Gassman wrote:
FS took Amazon and Weather out of ResearchIt recently and a lot of the sports a few years ago.
Pages kept changing and they had to keep correcting all the time.
Now a complete overhaul is planned. I don't know when we'll see it.
My guess would be JAWS 2020 at the earliest but I don't know anything oficially.
At 06:53 PM 6/29/2019, you wrote:
Does anyone knows if jaws will add amazon to research it?

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